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SOS offers a combination of benefits that no one in the industry can match:

  • All of our highly qualified SOS tutors have taken the same course, have written the same exam and have tutored the same course in Concordia.
  • Each Crash Course package is made specifically for the course and exam you are taking at Concordia and is continuously updated with new exams like questions.
  • Considered to be the highest of quality by your peers (See testimonials and course evaluations).
  • All courses take place in the professional educational settings of a university classroom.
  • Knowledgeable SOS staff are available to assist you in any way possible.
  • Free question and answer period after a crash course.*
  • Free refreshments.

    * When possible.
  • Each SOS Tutoring Crash Course is specially designed to provide a student with the tools needed to successfully complete a specific exam. Each Crash Course is performed by a tutor with a deep knowledge of both the course material and the exam format. The general format of a Crash Course will involve the tutor teaching the pertinent course material of each topic for the exam, followed by the solving of key past exam and specially chosen questions. Each Crash Course is accompanied by a Crash Course package, which contains most of the material the tutor will require throughout the Crash Course. The Crash Courses are held in university classrooms and are usually accomplished over an 8 to 12 hours period, depending on the course.

    Weekly Tutorials are two-hour review sessions, held 8 to 10 times per course throughout the semester, where our highly skilled tutors breakdown all the course material covered in class using our signature, easy-to-understand teaching format.

    How is a Weekly Tutorial different from a Crash Course?
    What sets these tutorials apart from a university class is that they focus on how to apply the course theory to various types of practice problems you'll be expected to solve throughout the semester, not just understanding the theory.

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    All Sessions* Single Session**
    $30 to $35 per session $45 per session

    *All 8 to 10 Weekly Tutorials sessions must be purchased in same transaction.
    ** This is for 2-hour session. $90 for 4 hours.
    One must keep in mind that the following is our general template to tutoring and we often modify and customize it to meet the specific needs of the course at hand.

    In a SOS Tutoring Crash Course, the tutors will begin by going over the essential theory of each exam topic followed by a "SOS Steps" section*, where we outline the general steps taken to solve specific types of exam questions. We then practice most of the teachings from the course by solving exam style and other specially chosen questions together, which will train the students how to methodically approach and solve different types of questions. We also offer tips & tricks on the material, which can be very useful when in a pressure filled exam situation.

    *When required.
    All of our SOS tutors go through a detailed screening and interviewing process. Most of our tutors have obtained a minimum grade of A in the course being tutored, have been involved in the course recently, have relevant tutoring experience and possess great communication skills. All of this is required of our tutors to ensure that only the most skilled tutors with a mastered and up-to-date knowledge of the course material and exam format are teaching at SOS Tutoring.
    The Crash Course package contains most of the material the tutor will be reviewing throughout the Crash Course. This will allow students to concentrate on listening and participating in the Crash Course and not solely focusing on writing notes. It will also be your study guide between the Crash Course and the exam. All of our packages are continuously updated with the newest material and exams that are available. Crash Course package includes:
  • Concise review of all key concepts on exam
  • Full breakdown & explanation of all formulas
  • Exam style & specially chosen practice problems with step-by-step solutions
  • Exam tips & tricks
  • And much more
  • Crash courses are usually accomplished over an 8 to 12 hours period, dependent on the amount and difficulty level of the course material at hand. The hours are split into two days to three days to prevent the students from overloading with too much information at once. This will also give the students an opportunity to review the material between classes. The Crash Course will usually take place on Saturday and Sunday to avoid mid-week conflicts with school and work.
    All SOS Tutoring Crash Courses take place in the professional educational settings of a classroom.
    SOS Tutoring is not part of or affiliated with any school. SOS Tutoring is a private company that offers exam preparation services outside of those held by your school.
    Day of payment is possible but is highly ill advised. No spot can be guaranteed if payment is not made beforehand. If there are still spots available on the day of we will gladly register you at that time. Payment amount will be online price on day of course (plus any applicable taxes), plus a $20 same day payment acceptance fee
    Here are the steps to register for a Crash Course:
    1. Go to website ( 2. Choose your school of choice 3. Click on the course you wish to register for (located on the left hand side) 4. Choose which section you want to register for (scroll down to see all the information) 5. Click on “Register Now” (located below dates and times) 6. Pay for the course with one of our highly secured online payment options. You may also choose to pay in person at our local office location.
    When it comes to making a payment for a Crash Course, SOS Tutoring offers four easy payment options to choose from: credit card, PayPal, INTERAC or cash*. Payment by credit card, INTERAC and PayPal account, are considered to be the most convenient and simplest way to make a payment for a Crash Course.

    One may also choose to pay in person by cash* at our office during the work hours indicated when you register. Instructions on the specifics of your payment will also be sent to you by e-mail shortly after you register online.

    *Montreal only.
    We will be covering all the course material that you will be responsible for on your midterm or final exam. We do a brief review of the theory but mainly focus on solving past exam-like questions.
    To qualify for this $20 discount on a final Crash Course you must have taken the same SOS Tutoring midterm Crash Course in the same semester. This $20 discount will automatically be applied to your checkout cart when you register for the eligible final Crash Course.
    The course packs come exclusively with the course. We do not sell the course packages individually.
  • SOS Tutoring will gladly give a full refund of payment if request for refund is made more than 5 days before the Crash Course.
  • SOS Tutoring will gladly give a 50% refund of payment if request for refund is made more than 48hours before the Crash Course.
  • SOS Tutoring will not give any refund if request for refund is made less than 48 hours before the Crash Course.
  • Any section change must be made a minimum of 48 hours before the course you are registered occurs.
  • Unfortunately, because sections tend to fill up we cannot reserve two spots in different sections. Please pick the section that works best for you and email us a couple of days before and we will check if there is any room to accommodate your request. If there is, we will gladly put you in the second section of your choice.
    The price of a Crash Course is dependent on many factors, including whether it is a midterm or final Crash Course, the number of hours in the Crash Course and whether the client qualifies for any discounts. Taking these factors into consideration, prices generally range anywhere from 10$-20$ per hour.
    If you prefer not to receive news and promotional emails from SOS Tutoring click here to unsubscribe. [Please note: once you opt out, you will not receive further marketing correspondence, including price discount offers.]
    We do not split our Crash Courses. If you’re experiencing special circumstances and cannot attend both days, please contact us 3 days prior to the crash course date. If the class is not full, and there are still spots available we may be able to make an exception and allow you to attend 1 day of the Crash Course with the full course package at a small discount. You will still receive the material from the full course.
    No more worrying about making the wrong decision, losing your money or not receiving what you paid for. If during the first day of your Crash Course you don’t feel the course is to your liking, for whatever reason, simply return the Crash Course packages to one of our staff members at your Crash Course and let them know that you would like a refund. If you cannot find someone outside your class please call 514-880-4357 and someone will attend to you right away

    Once this is done, you will receive a 100% refund of your purchase price, no questions asked. It’s as simple as that!

    Now you can book your Crash Courses with peace of mind, knowing that if you don’t like our course you don’t lose anything.

    Terms and Conditions

  • To be eligible for this refund, you may only attend the first day of your course.
  • To be eligible for this refund, you may only attend the first day of your course.
  • You must notify an SOS Tutoring staff member at your course that you would like a refund before the end of the first day of your course.
  • The course booklet must be returned to an SOS Tutoring staff member before the end of the first day of your course.
  • This money-back guarantee is only valid for Crash Courses (not any other service we offer).
  • SOS does not offer private tutoring.

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